Behavioral Team

Our Behavioral Team at Support, Inc. helps identify ways to modify behaviors through the use of positive behavioral supports in conjunction with the individual's goals and the interdisciplinary team's goals for that person. Support, Inc. uses a network of approved psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical therapists to meet the mental health and behavioral needs of our consumers. Our network of providers assists in the evaluation and regulation of current medication, as well as assisting with current symptoms for our consumers. We sponsor a Psych Clinic to meet the mental health needs of our Denver area consumers. Our team model welcomes Host Home Providers as well as family members of the consumer to share techniques that best support our consumers and to answers any questions about medications and their side effects.

Positive Psychology

Support, Incorporated has also integrated positive psychology at a number of different levels within the organization.

Positive psychology enhances the quality of positive behavior supports and interventions for many individuals with behavioral challenges through affirming, person-centered interventions. They are a key part of the training of direct support providers in both day and residential services. They include use of flow-based activities, strengths-based interventions and positive affect while communicating and interacting with clients. These facets of positive psychology are then integrated into the Individual Service and Support Plans of the clients, not only reducing problematic behaviors, but increasing overall quality of life.

Positive psychology has also offset much of the negative, problem-based communication style that sometimes affects human services professionals. Over time, this can seriously undermine morale and productivity. Emphasizing use of positive, affirming communication (positive affect) by direct support providers while they work with clients and reciprocally, using positive affect while training is vital to our corporate culture.


Support, Inc. also provides opportunities for host home providers to participate in dynamic positive psychology workshops designed to be challenging, thought-provoking and fun. These workshops emphasize overcoming prevailing negative view points on job duties, circumstances and one's intrinsic ability to change. They do so by enabling the participant to find out what it is that drives their sense of well-being, capitalize on that and find ways to tap into that force on a consistent basis. All of these workshops are undertaken with other host home providers, forming community, support and networking opportunities in the process.

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