Nursing Services

The nursing care team at Support Inc. focuses on the long-term, holistic results that support and enhances the lives of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Every consumer receives:

  • an individualized assessment,
  • nurse review with individualized health care outcomes, and,
  • medical protocols written to enhance the well-being of our consumers.

We also provide ongoing support and education for our direct care professionals and host home providers so they can provide the appropriate care and utilize best practices. We believe in the proactive approach of educating and empowering care givers to identify concerns sooner so that appropriate treatment can be initiated in a timely matter.

The nurse team conducts training in medication administrations, education on potential medication side effects, seizure disorders, universal precautions, wound care, g-tube feedings and care, diabetic education and delegation. We provide ongoing medical advocacy and are available to attend physician appointments, interdisciplinary meetings and to assist with coordinating care with a variety of medical specialties.

Our utilization of electronic and web based health tracking systems assists in monitoring crucial targeted health indicators such as, blood pressures, blood glucose levels, heart rate, oxygen levels and elimination status to help detect potential issues sooner. At Support Inc. we strive for positive health outcomes for all individuals that we serve.

Nursing Services

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