FAQ's for New Host Home Providers

It varies and depends on many factors. These factors, at a minimum, are the consumer and family's preferences, matching results, compatibility, and family decision-making issues. We do take pride in taking the time necessary to ensure longevity and stability.

First Aid/CPR - Support, Inc. accepts certification from any American Red Cross certified program.

Medication Certification (QMAP) - You can get your certification at Support, Inc. This class is also offered by a number of Service Agency's in the Denver Metro area. We accept certifications from other agencies if it was acquired with in the past 12 months.

Basic Orientation - You can take this class at Support, Inc. This class includes an overview of I/DD services, state regs and care requirements.

Home Inspection - Every potential provider is required to have a home inspection done by one of our representatives prior to placement.

Two can live in the home full time. If space is available you can do Respite for a third person.

Rates vary. The rates are based on what we receive from the state of Colorado, and each individual is different. Each individual receives a standardized assessment that determines their level of need and the reimbursement rates are based on that. Feel free to contact our Intake Department for further information.


Yes. We will need to know about them prior to placement. If one of our consumers lives in your home and you get a second placement from a different agency, we will need to know that before they move in.

Provide photos and descriptions of your home and family to your Support, Inc. Intake rep so that we may create a marketing flyer for you. Also, keep your training certifications current, and hold on to them until you are matched with a client. Check in with us via email periodically. Let us know if you move or change your phone number. Wheel Chair accessible homes; homes located in Jefferson, Boulder, Weld and Larimer counties; and those who are willing and able to accept individuals with behavioral challenges are always in demand.

Yes, currently Support, Inc. operates solely in the State of Colorado.

Yes, our providers need to have their own computer and internet access. Most of your training is completed using our online training program. Also, once you are matched with a client, you will be required to track your client's care using our online Electronic Medical Record program. Training on these programs will be provided to you.

Respite is short-term relief offered to Host Home Providers. It can be for a few hours or days and can be used for vacations, illness, meetings, trainings etc.

Yes if your home is ready and your training certifications are current.

Respite rates are negotiated between the Current Host Home Provider and the Respite Provider.

No. Each consumer must have his or her own bedroom. Consumers can share a bathroom.

Yes if the consumer is able to navigate stairs and the basement is finished and furnished. A basement bedroom must have egress windows to meet consumer safety guidelines.

Most consumers usually have their own bedroom furnishings. A spare bed however will make it possible for you to provide Respite while you are waiting for a permanent placement.

Any one over the age of 18 who lives in the home.

Support, Inc. will request the background check release, with your permission, at no charge to you.

Support, Inc. will notarize your application at no charge to you.

Professional Liability Insurance provides coverage should something happen to your consumer. All Host Home Providers that contract with Support, Inc. are required to purchase Professional Liability Insurance at the time that a consumer is placed in the home. Payment for this insurance is the responsibility of the Host Home Provider and considered a cost of doing business as an independent contractor. For more information, please visit Care Association's website.

Each consumer receives a small amount of money each month to meet his or her personal needs. There are limits as to what can be purchased with these funds. Medicare/Medicaid will pay for all prescription medications. The consumer cannot purchase any over the counter medications or groceries with their personal needs money. These items must be purchased by the Host Home Provider and are considered a cost of doing business as an independent contractor. A list of items that can be purchased with a consumer's personal needs funds will be provided at the time of placement.

Yes, make sure you list their ages on your application.

Yes, make sure we know what kind and how many you have. And, of course, it is possible that this can affect the possible options for placements into your home.

Yes. Support, Inc. has 24-hour support for emergency situations. You will be provided with the emergency contact information at the time of placement.

 Support, Inc. offers Day Program Services, as do many other agencies. Day Program Services are funded by Medicaid and are typically based on the needs of the Consumer and therefore, Consumer needs should be taken into consideration when choosing a Day Program. Since not all consumers have a Day Program to attend when they are initially placed in your home, the Consumer's support team will assist you with this decision. Choosing an appropriate Day Program can take up to 30 days.

Primarily we get referrals from various Community Center Boards in the Denver Metro Area. Most of our referrals come from Developmental Pathways (Arapahoe and Douglas counties), Rocky Mountain Human Services (Denver county), North Metro (Adams county), Imagine! (Boulder county or DDRC (Jefferson county). We receive some referrals from other sources such as the state Regional Centers, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, or Private Pay.

Yes, there is usually some sort of wait period. However, there are times when an existing consumer is in need of a new host home. It is possible that you may get a placement from our existing consumer pool.

Support, Inc. only provides services for the Host Home setting. If you would like information on Group Homes, contact your local Community Center Board.