Greg Lands a New Job

At Support, Inc. we pride ourselves on helping our individuals reach their goals. When Greg reported that he wanted make some extra money and create new relationships, the team worked on a plan to help Greg make his dreams a reality. Through working with DVR and a job coach, Greg was able to land a job at Goodwill in Northern Colorado. There, he was able to learn new skills, meet new people, occupy his time in a positive manner, and make that extra money.

Greg has been working at Goodwill now for 6 months and has expressed that he enjoys the independence he gets, in a setting that is positive for him. His favorite part of the job is pay day, where he is able to cash his check and spend his money the way he wants to. More recently, Greg has expressed interest in gaining his driver’s license and has begun saving for a car. At work, you can find him interacting with customers, helping his co-workers, and showing people the car he is saving for. Outside of work, you can find Greg shopping, enjoying leisure activities, finding new celebrity gossip to share, finding new cars to save for, or looking for a way that he can work more hours.

Big thanks to Greg’s residential team for helping Greg reach this milestone!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating Sophia on her Host Home Provider of the Month award! This nomination was submitted by Jared, on behalf of the Denver Metro One Team-

I am writing this on behalf of Sofia Escobedo and the amazing work she does with her individual in services. Sofia had her individual J placed in her home in the summer of 2020 and has been an extremely supportive and hands-on provider. She is very aware of his needs at all times and does everything within her power to make sure he is comfortable. She is also a strong advocate for J and makes sure his voice is heard by his team and the other individuals in his life.

Sofia has always been extremely compliant with her paperwork and understands the job fully. She takes pride in her work and is always quick to respond to her teammates if a question or concern arises. She understands J’s limitations and is able to help facilitate for him, and that allows him to engage in all of his planned events. She also helps him get to his appointments on time, especially his virtual clinical appointments.

All in all, Sofia has shown herself to be an exemplary provider and Support, Inc. is fortunate to have her. J has grown as an individual since joining her household and no greater compliment can be paid to her than that. Thank you Sofia for your continued hard work and attention to detail. You deserve the honor of Provider of the Month.

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Congratulations to Our New Quality Assurance Coordinator

We are growing and so is our Quality Assurance department! Congratulations to Nick Sickels on his acceptance of the Quality Assurance Coordinator position. Nick has been with Support, Inc. for about a year- many of you know him through his work as a Residential Program Coordinator on our Denver- Colorado Springs Team. In his time here, Nick has excelled as an RPC as he built rapport with the individuals he serves, providers and families, while always have an eye for quality and compliance. He will be moving into our new Quality Assurance Coordinator role in May. We look forward to seeing Nick’s contributions to the agency continue in his new role.

Stay tuned for more updates on the quality initiatives this year!

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming our newest Coordinator in Colorado Springs! We are so happy to have you with us, Malcolm!

Hi, my name is Malcolm, I’m a Residential Program Coordinator for the Colorado Springs area.  I’m very ecstatic about joining the Support Inc. team! Before joining the team, I worked as an advocate and educator for teens with at-risk backgrounds as well serving our IDD community as a Direct Support Professional. Outside of working hours, I spend time as a studio music producer and mixing engineer. Outside of my attempts at creation I’m and avid fan of music and I enjoy consuming it and having conversations about it. I also enjoy trying coffee shops, trivia nights, watching sports and exploring. I’m excited to continue to serve this wonderful community and I look forward to learning and expanding my roles with a focus on people helping people!

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Abeer Ramstetter to the Support Inc. family and team! Abeer will be our new Residential Program Coordinator on the Denver Metro 3 Team/Hypernova Team, and we are very excited for her to complete our group!

Hello Support, Inc., I am so very excited to join your team and to be one of the people who are helping people!

For so many years, I have served individuals with developmental disabilities through different roles! I worked as a special education teacher, a para educator, a direct support professional in a group home for individuals with significant behavioral and medical needs, a DSP with PCA programs, and a residential program manager.  I am looking forward to learning and growing with Support Inc.

I love hiking, fishing, camping, running and yoga, but that is enough about me; I look forwarding to getting to know each one of you!

Boy With Down Syndrome Happy To Spend Day Among Family And Friends

Celebrating 33 Years of Support, Inc.!

March 2022 represents our 33rd year in the industry! We are absolutely thrilled to reach this milestone- once Dennis Kirkman discovered the need to serve individuals with IDD back in 1989, we have been proud to serve families and individuals all along the Front Range ever since. Support, Inc. provides residential services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilites. We also provide value-added services with access to our clinical team, nursing team, benefits specialist and more!

We asked a few of our long-standing employees to describe a few of their favorite memories through the years. Richard Shaw has worked for Support, Inc. for over 16 years. Kristin Kemp will celebrate 20 years of People Helping People in May, while Cindy Cridlebaugh takes the cake for longest-lasting employee, clocking in at nearly 21 years.

Rich relayed a few moments he remembers fondly while working at Support, Inc.:

One of my favorite moments with Support, Inc. would be in the first month I started with the Agency. They closed the office down in the early afternoon, and all employees took part in an internal dodgeball tournament.  Everyone (that wanted to participate) was divided into 4 teams with our own team shirts.  We then got to compete against the other teams.  Afterwards, we all were treated to a meal.  This was such an amazing way to start a career with the agency and team building.

Another favorite moment would be in the first couple of years working with the agency, many of the staff got together to watch a play production of OZ. This was so special because I had just a few years of working in the IDD field and got to share with my coworkers a play put on by Phamaly: Phamaly is one of the few professional theatre companies worldwide to feature performers with disabilities across the spectrum’. It was great to watch this performance live.

When Kristin was asked about her career at Support, Inc., she relayed several stories and funny moments through the years:

Cindy told me that we were going paperless.  I remember thinking that it would be impossible.  How would we be able to get our work done??!!!  I certainly do not miss the HHP files being in manila folders all over our desks. Deb was so proud that our paper order was drastically cut.

For favorite moments, Kristin relayed “I know I have so many more” and rattled off a few examples through the years-

  • When we first started accepting Family Caregivers and how it continues to help so many families
  • Hosting our first ever Talent Show
  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Game day at the office, when all the management were at a cabin in the mountains
  • 15-year anniversary golf tournament and dinner/dance
  • When Cindy and I reached a major milestone in the department, we asked Lynette if we could go to Bora Bora because of this (she said no). And it was hilarious!

Cindy shared a few of her favorite memories, as well-

  • Having dances in the day program. Watching all the clients and providers dance together.
  • Going for a scavenger hunt around Aurora, driving for different locations.  We were all driving around way too fast so we could win.
  • Getting the official Support, Inc. sign at the office
  • The vaccine clinic, feeling very thankful we could offer this.
  • Having all the staff pets visit the office.
  • The police following me in the Support, Inc. parking lot with the flashing lights and ticket I got while staff watched.
  • Playing Secret Santa with all staff- someone wrapped up their daughter’s retainer.
  • Painting the bathroom and office walls “ourselves”.
  • When the staff got to go outside and each take a turn hitting the old fax machine (that was always breaking down) with a hammer, complete with safety glasses.
  • Parents Night Out, DS’s family participating : )
  • Being so thrilled to add Kristin to my department after hearing her infectious laugh from the SLS side of the office .

Lastly, Brian Farestad, Vice President of Operations, relayed a few standout moments-

My favorite memory, in the five years that I have been with Support, Inc. would have to be the vaccine clinics that we held this year and last. During a time when we were so badly missing the face-to-face connection that we were used to, it was amazing to get to see all the families, providers, and individuals that we serve in person. It was very difficult not to just hug everyone but seeing those bright, smiling faces in person really filled a large hole that I didn’t quite know was there. And on top of that, to know that we were providing an invaluable service to people badly underserved and in need, made it all the more enjoyable.

Another favorite memory I have of Support, Inc. is the Talent Shows/Halloween parties that we used to have before the pandemic. To see our individuals and providers show off their creative costumes and talent on the microphone and dance floor is truly something to behold. I look forward to attending our first in person event in over two years sometime soon!

With so many individuals and families served through the years, we can only imagine the memories that others have throughout the organization. Support, Inc. has grown tremendously in the last several years, operating three locations along the Front Range. Although we started with humble roots, we continue to provide the best customer service in the industry. In our hearts, we will always be People Helping People and look forward to another 33 years in Colorado!

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Assistant Controller

Please join us in welcome our new Assistant Controller in the Finance Department, Christopher Neese!

My name is Christopher Neese. I’m originally from Alabama and moved to Colorado three years ago. I graduated from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL with a degree in Accounting. I worked previously with Carole Gaynor in public accounting and I am incredibly grateful to have another opportunity to work alongside her. I work in the Finance Department as the Assistant Controller. I accepted the position after an incredible interview with Carole and Bentley, who were very happy to work with a company that makes such a difference in their community. This was something incredibly important to me and was the deciding factor in my decision. So far everyone has been incredibly welcoming and I’m very excited to get to work providing support to Support, Inc!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Host Home Providers of the Month, Frank and Nola! The following write-up was produced by Anna on the Denver Metro 3 Team-


Today our team would like to recognize Frank and Nola Restesan as HHP of the month. Frank and Nola have been with Support Inc. for many years. I have personally had the pleasure of being their Coordinator for the last 3 years. Prior to me, Rich was their RPC, and he always had great things to say about their work and care for their individuals. Both Individuals in the home have high medical needs. The level of care required for the individuals already comes with some big shoes to fill. Frank and Nola work as team and go above and beyond with a level of care that is something all providers should aspire to be!

They laugh, sing, dance, shop, go to parks with their individuals and make sure that they are as safe as possible with COVID-19. The two individuals in their care are always well put together and dressed to the Tee! Over the years they have gone through some traumatic medical events and spent countless hours at their side playing music, singing and supporting them while in the hospital. One of the individuals was released with an increase in medical needs that would typically result in them needing to go into a long term care facility. Nola and Frank rallied and rotated their nights sleeping, in order to get the individual to the point he is today. Nola and Frank have consistently kept up on documentation despite the level of care and time they spend with each individual. They are a wonderful example of what it takes to be one of the best HHPs and in today’s case HHP of the month!

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March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month!

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month!

Ronald Reagan declared March the month for National Developmental Disabilities Awareness in 1987 after the deinstitutionalization movement of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life, as well as awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live.

Throughout the campaign, individuals with and without disabilities will share their experiences through stories, photos and videos. This year’s campaign also highlights artwork created by individuals with disabilities and is featured in the Developmental Disabilities Awareness campaign imagery. For more information on Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, visit

This year, Colorado’s IDD Awareness Day at the capitol will be held virtually on March 23rd. The IDD policy webinar will be from 10am – 11am and IDD awareness day virtual luncheon from 12pm-1pm. If you missed this live event, check out Alliance’s posts throughout the day here.