LIFE Club Events This Week!

Join us for some upcoming virtual events! Please contact the clinicians below to participate in any and all of the groups. They will provide additional information and instructions.

Tuesday, May 12

LIFE Club:  Finding Your Inner Betty Crocker

When:  Tuesday, May 12 from 5:00pm-6:30pm

What: Join us for an evening of friendship, discussion, and learning! These interactive groups will focus on developing skills and confidence for social situations in a way that is fun and informative! LIFE Club is open to all. This week we will be making our favorite snacks! This is a great opportunity work on social skills while having fun in the kitchen. We will provide a recipe with common ingredients! Please contact gwen.bonilla@supportinc.com for more information!

Instructions:  In order to participate, please contact gwen.bonilla@supportinc.com by Tuesday, May 12 at 4:30pm. A link will be sent via email. Please follow the link at 5:00pm to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday, May 13

Moving and Grooving

When:  Wednesday, May 13 from 12:00pm-1:00pm

What:  We will join together to discuss life’s stressors while improving the physical health of our bodies to create a healthy lifestyle by learning helpful social and exercise habits. Thisgroupwill incorporate a different movement activity every session. We will focus on stretching, mindfulness and inner and outer strength. This is a great opportunity to be active during a virtual time. Adaptable for all abilities!

Instructions:  In order to participate, please contact ashley.treiber@supportinc.com by Wednesday, May 13 at 10:00am. A link will be sent via email. Please follow the link at 12:00pm to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Thursday, May 14

Touching Stories

When:  Thursday, May 14 from 11:00am-12:00pm

What: Touching Stories is a unique therapy model, specifically designed for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, that pairs the social and emotional learning of story with sensory integration activities in a way that is educational, engaging, and simply, a lot of fun! We have adapted our Touching Stories for at home use. Gwen will first lead participants in a scavenger hunt for the sensory items needed for the stories (all items are common items found in every home) and then will tell the sensory-based stories to the group.

Instructions:  In order to participate, please contact gwen.bonilla@supportinc.com by Thursday, May 14 at 10:00am. A link will be sent via email. Please follow the link at 11:00am to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Scavenger Hunt Items for Touching Stories:

We’ll do three stories:

The Monster on Grandma’s Bed Scavenger Hunt:

Mixing Bowl

Wooden (or other large) Spoon


A piece of dark fabric (towel, blanket, sheet, etc) big enough to go over your head

Something furry (stuffed animal, etc)


Piece of dark paper or cardboard

A small blanket


An herb or spice that smells fresh (basil, dill, mint, etc)

A LONG piece of yarn, string, or rope (REALLY LONG if possible)

Something with a smooth, flat surface — a dinner plate, a picture frame, or a mirror would work

A small piece of silky fabric (a necktie, a silly handkerchief, etc.)


The Stonecutter:

(no scavenger hunt for this story)

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Happy Mother’s Day

With the holiday weekend approaching, we want to take a moment to thank our Family Care Givers that so often care for their loved ones without a second thought. The strong Mothers we serve have been committed since day one, and we thank you for the care you continue to provide during these tumultuous times. The bond a child shares with their Mom remains unmatched, regardless of age and time. We see you, we appreciate you and we will continue to be here for you when you need additional support.

Happy Mother’s Day and take care.

Mother’s Day Card from Support

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Quarantine Fatigue: Tips to Battle the Blues

Quarantine fatigue has been described as the restlessness we feel from staying home so often. We’re itching to get out and for life to return to normal.

While we continue to practice social distancing, please remember to go easy on yourself. Rather than denying how we feel, often times it is best to acknowledge the things outside of our control so we can focus on the things we are able to control. It’s okay to feel sad, tired, bored and depressed. Allow yourself some time to identify these feelings before turning to coping mechanisms.

This is your weekly reminder to allow yourself some grace. It’s totally normal to not feel normal right now, and the least we can do is be kind to ourselves and one another.

Should you need some ideas of things to do at home, please refer to the list below. We continue to support our individuals in services and will be here if you need anything.

  1. Garden
  2. Play board games/sports/video games
  3. Have a scavenger hunt
  4. Learn to cook a new recipe
  5. Schedule virtual hangouts with friends and family
  6. Watch backyard movies
  7. Camp in your living room
  8. Listen to a new podcast
  9. Tour a museum or zoo online
  10. Follow up on those New Years Resolutions

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Host Home Provider of the Month: Tenzing Lama

Please join us in congratulating our recent Host Home Provider of the Month, Tenzing Lama!

The following write-up was produced by RPC Katelyn Bruce on the Denver Metro 2 Team:

I first met Tenzing Lama when I was searching for a home for a client that was hard to place given her supervision requirements and financial struggles. Since moving in, Lama has done amazing with this client, including making her comfortable, encouraging her time with her daughter, and doing his best to get her financial issues taken care of. I was super new to this client but I hadn’t seen her happier than she is when I visit her at Lama’s home, which is why I’m nominating Tenzing Lama as HHP of the month. He is grateful and accommodating and always offers me the best green tea in the world when I come out to the home.

Thank you, Lama, for everything you’ve done and continue to do. (You guys, he also has two super tiny cute dogs that are a JOY to be around…. Hi Tommy!!!)


DSP Home Visits

We continue to exercise caution when deploying DSPs to community settings, and by this point, many sessions are being enjoyed in client homes.

The 4 goals we have for these sessions (aside from person-specific goals) include the following:
1. Mitigating Boredom
2. Getting Enough Physical Activity
3. Maintaining Social Connections
4. Meeting Physical/Tangible Needs

With this, we have our guidelines for DSP visits. For further questions, please contact Meghan at Meghan.steineker@supportinc.com